Fuxuan Xin

Eight Out of Ten

On February 13, 2018, a jitney bus struck my mom, ran her over, and dragged her for thirty feet. In that split second, a mirage disappeared and we saw the true form of our lives. Her accident completely altered my family’s trajectory. As first-generation Chinese immigrants, we had been fixated on the possibilities of the future while overlooking the value of our present. Having nearly lost her, every moment now holds extra importance.

By depicting my parents’ relationship, I aim to capture our strong family bond and the values that have helped us to overcome the obstacles thrown our way. My mom often quotes to me this Chinese idiom:

Eight out of ten things in life will not go according to plan. Only one or two things will happen the way you want them to. Yet, it is those eight things that help to reveal our true character and test our strength, so we can cherish the moments of happiness.