Napat Wesshasartar

Training at home: Thai Athlete’s Life Under Quarantine

On March 6, 2020, the first COVID-19 super-spreader emerged in the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in central Bangkok. It resulted in approximately 143 cases of viral infections. The Thai government declared a state of emergency, closing all gyms and sports arenas indefinitely and postponing all sporting events. As a result, athletes ranging from amateurs to world-class Olympians have been forced to train in their personal spaces under mandatory stay-at-home orders.

Ordinary bottles of water transformed into brand-new dumbbells. A standard pillow became a fencing target. A reservoir by the farm stood in for the perfect twenty-five-meter Olympic-standard swimming pool. Improvisation was key to how serious athletes were able to maintain their focused training regimes.

Fans around the globe had been anticipating the 2020 Summer Olympics, which were postponed. At the same time, the entire way that people work out has changed. The athletic industry is adapting and reinventing new ways of helping people to stay fit and maintain their goals.