Tina Levy

Fable on Demand

Squirming in the darkness of one’s cavernous pit, Mr. Clugg appears frantic at the sight of his mere carved image. His fear of entrapment triggers dazzling bursts of light, which are inviting yet treacherous; they hit the deer with no warning. She gleams, but the man is never left blind.

Double-image and mirror-play; he quells the volatility of his dazed demeanor. Meanings reverse and the world he inhabits empties of all solidity. His awareness pours into the misshapen chaos he incited by trespassing the gates of thirst.

Later, the chimeras transform into disrupted fragments, escorting him into the gray zone amid wonder, scrutiny, and invention. But the man, to elude the perilous fate of such spells, resolves to remain forever frozen and exposed in the paralysis of her luring drop shadow.