Vanessa Garibay


Sublime is a project consisting of the subjective expression of different states of mind with an everyday object as a protagonist within minimalist images.

The human mind functions complexly. We judge events as either positive or negative, constructing meaning, instead of simply experiencing them. We long to make sense out of everything, and feel satisfied if we succeed. Similarly, we tend to fabricate projections, distracting ourselves from the direct experience of the present moment as is. This influences our state of mind and the way we interpret experience.

In this work, I focused on the simplicity and weightlessness of a tissue and the experience of perceiving it. With one tissue per frame floating across a black background, I converted the subject into something of higher worth. My intent was to abstract it from its real meaning. I pried open my thoughts and staged them as folds in each image, images with a tissue whose few-to-no folds represent a state of tranquility. On the other hand, the images with too many folds represent thoughts chasing one another with no unifying principle. Instead of providing straightforward answers, this project brings into question our mind’s interpretation of reality based on our state of mind.